The That’s Champion Pet Definitive Christmas Gift Guide For Everyone in Your Life

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The That’s Champion Pet Definitive Christmas Gift Guide For Everyone in Your Life

Autumn is in full swing and that can mean only one thing - Christmas is growing ever closer and will be here within the blink of an eye. So there’s no time like the present - no pun intended - to start getting organised and ticking those Christmas gifts off your checklist.

Shop our Christmas Gift Guide that is sure to have something for everyone in your group of people to-buy-for, leaving you to feel more relaxed once the season is upon us to enjoy all the festivities!

The Foodie and The Boozy

Treat the food and drink lover to something a little different from the norm. Introduce some spice to their life with our Christmas Spice chocolate from Easy Teasy or add a boozy northern twist with our Brown Ale Truffles from Davenport’s Chocolates. (Try the delectable Singing Hinny and Earl Grey flavours too!) And of course we all know someone who adores gin, give them the gift that will ensure they always know how to prepare the perfect, crisp G&T with our Gingle Bells Christmas Card by Wot Ma Like.

Whether their tastes are refined and artisanal or as bog-standard as they come, at That’s Champion Pet we have a massive selection of fine food and drinks that make the perfect gift for Christmas. Browse our full range of Food & Drink now!

The Beauty Fanatic

Gift the beauty lover a little luxury this Christmas. Our I’m Staying in Tonight gift set by Maddi Alexander is the perfect gift for those who love to take a little me-time, with a rich bath oil and scented tea lights to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere. Add the Serene range by Maddi Alexander to complement the gift set, with a bath and body oil, bath soak and body butter for the full immersive pamper experience.

Shop the full Beauty range today.

The Thrill-Seeker

Got an adrenaline junkie to buy for this year? We have an unrivalled experience-based gift that is sure to not disappoint. Treat them to a day spent driving a range of Supercars, blasting around the purpose-built Teesside track in their choice of a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi R8, or Porsche 911 (or multiple depending on the chosen package!). There’s also an option for the younger ones to enjoy a quick spin in one of these powerful machines with a 10-15 minute drive around the track.

The Artsy One

We have a huge range of crafty gifts, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated piece of art for their wall, a contemporary print or an artsy experience, we’ve got a gift that is sure to please anyone with a creative flair. Treat the northern art lover to the Northern Homebird Print by Missus Print to ensure they’ll always have a special reminder of their roots.

We also keep a range of original paintings, such as the Ceramic Tile with Easel Tyne Bridge painting by Emily Ward Art for those who love authentic pieces. Do they prefer to get more hands-on when it comes to their interest in art? Why not gift them with a unique experience such as our Make Your Own Onesie Day by The All in One Company, or The Hand Dyed Shoe Experience by The Hand Dyed Shoe Company.

The Bookworm

Educate the bookworm on your homeland - or if they’re a geordie themselves - encourage them to explore their rich heritage. Either way, they’re sure to get stuck into the history of all things North East with our great selection of informative books, from Aal Aboot Geordie, Aal Aboot Newcastle and Aal Aboot Gateshead to the Newcastle United Football Club Book and the Sunderland Association Football Club Book, all from My World.

The Furry Friend

Your much-loved pets shouldn’t be forgotten about at Christmas! We have a huge range of tasty treats and fun toys that you can gift to your pooch, whether they’re big or small, we’re sure to have something your furry friend will appreciate. From rope toys like the Bone Rope Toy from Best In Show to yummy snacks you can make yourself with love like the Carob Chocolate with Mint Baking Kit from Wellybix, shop our full Pets range today.

The Christmas Enthusiast

Maybe you know someone who loves getting in the Christmas spirit, (or maybe that’s you!). We have a great mix of fun, quirky, sophisticated and special Christmas-themed gifts that are sure to spread festive cheer as we approach the holiday season. Add a warm Geordie touch to your Christmas decorations with our Howay in A Manger Wooden Slice Bauble and the Christmas Calories Divn’t Count Rustic Wooden Sign from Wot Ma Like. Shop the full festive range now!

We hope you’re feeling inspired by our eclectic collection of gifts and feel ready to take on Christmas shopping for even the fussiest people in your life. Merry Christmas and happy shopping from That’s Champion Pet!

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