New Year Resolution Gift Guide

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New Year Resolution Gift Guide

Making new year's resolutions has become somewhat of a tradition. Have you thought of any yet or do you need some inspiration? How about starting off with number one, you! You’ve probably spent the past few months buying everyone else exciting Christmas presents but have forgotten to get yourself a gift. That’s Champion Pet have got some ideas for the perfect new year’s resolution gifts.


After a month of drinking ourselves silly and eating our body weight in scran it’ll be time for a relaxed start to 2019. You've treated everyone else now it's time to treat yourself with the perfect collection of beauty products to give yourself a pamper session like no other. That's Champion Pet have a great selection from Maddi Alexander to get some R and R back ready for the new year.


The excitement of the holiday season will be over soon and you’re going to be looking for something to put a spark into 2019. Here at ‘That's Champion Pet’ we offer a selection of experience days with Driving Sensation. Driving a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi R8 or even a Porsche 911 is bound to make top spot on the adventures of 2019 list.


All the Christmas decorations will have been taken down and now your home will be looking a tad bare. Why not spruce up the house with some classic geordie, scouse and manc sayings printed on a wall hanging from Wot Ma Like. Step up your house decor even more by printing those family photos and getting a quirky family portrait done by Faced, showing off your loved ones and the cherished household pet.

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